The neurotropic genus Copelandia (Basidiomycota) in western Paraná State, Brazil



Palabras clave:

Agaricales, Brazilian fungi, Dark-spored fungi, Hallucinogenic mushrooms


In a survey of the agaricoid fungi from the western region of Paraná State, south Brazil, 2 species of Copelandia were identified. Copelandia cyanescens is a common and widely distributed coprophilous species with typical bluing
reaction. Copelandia mexicana is a rare and poorly known mushroom, lignicolous and not conspicuously bluing, with distinctive macro- and micromorphological features. This is a new record from South America. Both species are described and illustrated in detail, and discussed regarding distribution, taxonomy and nomenclature.

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Alexandre Gnçalves dos Santos e Silva-Filho, Universidade Federal do Paraná

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