First studies on Patagonian immature Mycetophilidae: description of the larva and pupa, redescription and comments on the biology of Mycomya chilensis


  • Pablo Pessacq CONICET
  • Guillermo Omad
  • Peter H. Kerr
  • Cristian Pardo


Palabras clave:

Biodiversity, Fungus gnat, Fungivore, Biology


Immature stages of Mycomya chilensis were laboratory-reared from material associated with Trametes versicolor, from a Nothofagus forest in Argentinean Patagonia (Chubut Province). The adult male is redescribed and the larva and pupa are described for the first time. This is the first association between Mycomya and its host in South America, and the first description of immature Mycetophilidae in Patagonia. Notes on the biology of M. chilensis are also provided.

Biografía del autor/a

Pablo Pessacq, CONICET



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