New records of the lollipop catshark Cephalurus cephalus (Scyliorhinidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico


  • Hugo Aguirre-Villaseñor
  • Carolina Salas-Singh


Palabras clave:

Cephalurus cephalus, Gulf of California, neonates, size at birth, winter


On February 11th 2007, 13 neonates and 4 adults of Cephalurus cephalus were collected using a benthic
sledge, during one oceanographic cruise (Talud X, St. 12) in the mid Gulf of California, Mexico (28º01’36” N,
111º51’50” W). The lollipop catsharks were caught at a depth of 464 to 486 m and at a temperature of 9.4°C, and where
hypoxic (0.14 ml/l) conditions prevail. The total length (TL) of one female (221 mm) and one male (184 mm) was
shorter than the known estimated sexual maturation size (240 mm and 190 mm, respectively). The TL of 10 neonates
(70-96 mm) was shorter than the known estimated size at birth (100 mm), the new record was documented on a female
(70 mm). Until now, the presence of neonates of C. cephalus during the winter season has not been reported in the
literature; this suggests that the hatching season extends at least from winter to summer.

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Hugo Aguirre-Villaseñor

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