First report of helminth parasitizing Trachycephalus typhonius (Anura: Hylidae) from northeastern Argentina


  • Regina Draghi
  • Lía I. Lunaschi
  • Fabiana B. Drago


Palabras clave:

Rhabdias cf. elegans, Aplectana hylambatis, Veined tree frog, Formosa Province


Two species of nematodes, Rhabdias cf. elegans (Rhabdiasidae) and Aplectana hylambatis (Cosmocercidae), were recovered from the lungs and intestine of Trachycephalus typhonius (Anura: Hylidae) captured in Formosa Province, Argentina. Morphological and morphometric data of both species are provided, and previous records of Rhabdias spp. in the Neotropical region are summarized. The finding of Rhabdias cf. elegans constitutes the first record of this genus in the Formosa Province, and the finding of A. hylambatis represents the first record of this species as a parasite of hylid frogs, and the first report in Formosa Province. Trachycephalus typhonius represents a new host for both parasites.




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